OPEN BORDERS/ Connecting cultures through art


OPEN BORDERS will explore art forms created by people of all cultures, generations, eras, and circumstances. In each installment, a knowledgeable guide will introduce a genre or tradition, covering such basics as

  • What it’s all about
  • What’s to love about it
  • What it means to the culture or community that created it
  • What it’s similar to
  • Important concepts to understand
  • Leading practitioners
  • Notable examples
  • Resources for learning more


Bebop Sikh architecture Video art Dada Spoken word Mission style Comedy of manners Wabi-sabi Lomography Environmental sculpture Motown Indonesian gamelan Country music Filipino fiction Abstract expressionism Hip hop Jazz dance Bollywood Nollywood Haiku Samoan tattoo Beatboxing Minimalism African textiles Norteño Electrotango Beat poetry K-pop Graffiti Electric blues Petroglyphs Bossa nova Sand sculpture Tablescapes Silent movies Renaissance polyphony Brutalism Gospel music Cave paintings Pibroch Sestina Yiddish theater Environmental sculpture Bonsai Fado Raga Sumi-e painting Sagas Wuxia Bluegrass

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